Why I Love Watercolour

“After a thousand watercolors you will find you have fallen in love with paper and paint.” (Rex Brandt)

I’ve worked with other mediums and other surfaces, but I consistently come back to my watercolours on paper.

-      I know watercolours are not as popular or well regarded as other mediums.

-      They are harder to sell and frequently sell for less than other mediums.

-      They are best framed with mats and glass for protection, which makes them heavy and fragile, as well as adding expense.

But I love working with watercolours. It’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s frustrating, it’s passionate. It’s like a dance, a special magic, playing with the flow of water and paint, the intriguing colour blends, the surprising textures and shapes left when the water dries.

From a practical perspective it’s also quick and clean to use and easy to clean up.

My 2 Best Reasons to Use Watercolour

Versatility. So many ways to use it, depending on your mood and subject matter. So many techniques, that range from delicate thin transparent washes, to robust layers of colour filled with textural effects, to detailed flat colour, to waterfilled washes that run down the page. Different outcomes depending on different types of paper, and the way you use water.

Watercolour has a mind of its own. It can’t be totally controlled and manipulated, so you’re never quite sure what you’ll end up with. Sometimes exasperating, but so often breath-taking in its beauty, and this is the joy of working with it. It so frequently feels like the medium itself is the artist, just letting you play around and dabble to help it along.