Communicating with nature - my inspiration

“There is nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend” Bob Ross

Do you ever communicate with nature?

I do. I have conversations with birds that I meet on my walks. I talk to lizards and bees. I talk to the trees that I pass every day. I listen in turn to the rustle of their leaves as if they’re talking to me, and enjoy the dapple of sunlight on my face from the sun smiling at me. I eavesdrop on the frogs croaking in the wetland grasses, going silent for a moment as I pass, and then, reassured that they are safe, recommencing their discussions.

I have regular visitors in my backyard (birds, bees, possums, lizards) that I recognise, and they recognise me. We’ve learnt to understand each other’s behaviours, are respectful of each other’s space, and we have gradually built up a relationship.

I talk to the fruit trees in my garden, marvelling at how they are growing up, watching and listening as they produce blossoms then become laden with fruit, even though they are still so very young and small.

Such a tiny tree, laden with fruit.

Such a tiny tree, laden with fruit.

Communication is not always about speaking. It’s about listening and seeing and interacting. When I’m feeling down I turn to nature to lighten my mood. When I’m in good spirits I relish my relationship with the natural world.

Nature is my friend, my artist’s muse, my inspiration.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin” William Shakespeare

Patterns in Nature

Nature abounds with pattern. On my daily walks past gardens, through bush and wetlands, I can’t help but be awed by the myriad shapes, colours and designs, from the intricacies of one little leaf to the repeated shapes in a line of wetland grasses swaying in the breeze. Or the sunlight shining in patterns through branches and leaves.


Is it all just one big maths lesson?

In the words of Euclid: "The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God"

Sequences and repetition, symmetries and spirals, tessellations and fractals? Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio?

I can’t dispute the calculations and explanations of the experts. But I’m an artist. I see the patterns, but I can’t respond with equations. I respond to nature’s cleverness with my emotions, with my way of seeing. I see juxtapositions of light on dark, of large and small, of repeated and contradictory shapes. I see nature’s little stories. And that’s what comes out in my paintings.


Nature’s clever design

Nature’s clever design

Nature’s stories inspire my paintings

Nature’s stories inspire my paintings